Move From Center

by Mark Westin

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Maybe 04:24
Maybe I’ve been searching in the wrong place all of this time Maybe I’ve been looking for the wrong girl all down the line Maybe I’ve been thinking that I ought to be somebody else, somewhere else Maybe I’ve been lying when I said I really understood myself Maybe I’m a creature of my appetites driven by lust Maybe there’s really nothing wrong with wanting sex instead of trust Maybe I’ve been wasting too much time just thinking how I’m wasting time Maybe it’s okay to waste time all the time if it makes you feel fine Maybe there’s a reason for the way people behave but maybe not Maybe people’s reasons are as good as just the reasons that they’ve got Maybe reason isn’t the best reason to decide you should behave Maybe that’s the reason people dive into an early grave Maybe everything in life can be explained in a song But maybe everything I’ve ever learned may be wrong
Sometimes I think about the things that I said I didn’t really mean Sometimes I think about the stories I told About the places that I never been I know how hard it is to make a good impression But does it serve you when you’re colored with deception When it gets down to the wire it’s hard to back up the lies When you get looked in the eyes you realize that the Truth is the truth and you got to fight for it Truth is the truth and that’s the way it is Truth is the truth there’s no way to ignore it Does no good to run you just better face it son That the truth is the truth is the truth Wasted and a washout you’re looking like a burnout And you’re only turning twenty-one Think you’re sitting pretty let me ask you little kitty Do you really think you’re having fun You’re not really playing you’re just playing with an attitude Trying to make the pieces fit I don’t give a chance in hell to any stories you can tell ‘Cause I don’t think it adds up to shit not a bit ‘cause the Truth is the truth... Jobs they got no future now and nothing seems to suit you now You’re sitting home and watching the vids Thought you used to freak ‘em out but mom and dad still bail you out Whenever you need clothes for the kids Never made a difference never made a dollar Never made a lotta love that you coulda had I ain’t got no sympathy for all the bitterness I see You can’t get even so you get mad that’s too bad ‘cause the
Warning 03:27
You’re on the street and someone steps on your toe You think it’s nothing but you really don’t know It’s warning, it’s warning You keep on moving just as fast as you like You cross the curb and then you sidestep a bike It’s warning, it’s warning The little signs are there for each one to read But they get bigger with each one you don’t heed You’re moving fast enough you outrun your luck You miss the bike but you get hit by a truck You’re late for work and so you just grab a roll It hurts your throat because you swallow it whole It’s warning, it’s warning Here comes your lunch break and you gobble a slice ‘Round two o’clock your gut’s not feeling so nice It’s warning, it’s warning Your TV dinner it goes down with the news It’s not the best thing you could possibly choose All night you toss and turn your tummy won’t rest You gotta run so now you got indigestion They build a fence around the lot down your street There’s lots of tractors and the kids think it’s neat It’s warning, it’s warning They put up signs they got a skull and crossbones You’re kinda puzzled but you leave it alone It’s warning, it’s warning You coulda stopped them but by now it’s too late They dig in deeper with each day that you wait And pretty soon you’ll say you don’t find it hard To eat the poisons growing up in your yard
Beneath the flickering screen There is no forgiveness There is no color Only cathode blue This land is cold Inhabited by nuns and widows There is not time enough For everything there is to do And nothing sticks around for long (it’s only temporary) No one really keeps the faith (but no one loses any) Nobody can tell you why they do just what they do And nowhere is a clue to how it works or what it means Beneath the flickering screen Beneath the flickering screen You dwell in early twilight No longer black and white Day or night You pass the time Chasing after empty rumors You live in silent hope That one of them will prove you right And nothing sticks around for long... And you get numb to the sights and the sounds and the sin Too busy being wired up to let the horror sink in Beneath the flickering screen There’s always talk of leaving A million plans and schemes Never hatched It’s just a flickering screen But it’s a clean production A smooth seduction No human heart can match
Die that Day 03:24
I see the picture of all of us standing in the garden It was warm it was June we were standing by a fountain I remember how it smelled like the grass and like the river I remember how we laughed as we smiled for the camera We were looking in the lens except for him he was looking away I wonder if he knew that he was gonna die that day I see the night feel the sweat that was pouring off my shoulders It was loud it was hot there were people packed together Heard the squeals and the screams felt the power in the motion Looked around at us all we were breathing it together And I watched him in a darkened silhouette as he continued to play I wonder if he knew that he was gonna die that day All the things we meant to say All the things we meant to share I guess he knows them all now I guess he probably doesn’t care We sat in back in the van never saying much of nothing It was late it was dark we were closer to exhaustion There were times when I thought just to make some conversation Then I felt his fatigue it could wait until tomorrow And I wonder if I knew what I know now what I’d have chosen to say And I wonder how it feels to be the one who’s gonna die that day And I wonder if I knew what I know now what I’d have chosen to say And I wonder how it feels to be the one
Afterlife 04:17
I’m getting the feeling I’m ready to go I called all my friends and I told them all so My buddies they told me now don’t you be scared You’ll come out in style if you go in prepared I packed all my silver and paintings and clothes In fact I’m still wearing the T-shirt I chose Then I looked for awhile and I found a nice space Then we all had a party and painted the place Gonna do just fine in the afterlife I feel a bit weaker don’t get around much And the ladies I know say I’m losing my touch I cooked myself dinner but I couldn’t eat So I wrapped it to go with some onions and wheat Then I went to the temple to talk to the gods And I found I was favored with two to one odds So I went by my tomb and I checked all the locks Then I lay myself down to get fit for a box Gonna do just fine in the afterlife The shadows are closing now I’m gonna go But I’m sure not afraid because I’m in the know I’m off on a journey to I don’t know where But I got all this stuff make me feel at home there I’ll have a big party and make lots of friends ‘Cause you got to be nice when the time never ends I’m sure that they’ll find out I’m someone to dig If I hold up all right I could make it out big Gonna do just fine in the afterlife
Hi-Lites 04:01
I don’t want a life I want the highlights Just like you see on the news Only want to see the home runs and touchdowns Don’t waste my time with the blues Show me the big play Show me the crowd wave Just make the camera go zoom Show me the champagne Spare me the real pain I only wanna see the winners getting happy Not the sorrow in the losers’ locker room I don’t want a love I want the highlights Just like you see on the screen I want the sex, yeah I want the passion Don’t want no part of no emotional scenes Give me the fireplace Give me the fireworks Give me the sweat and the smiles Don’t wanna hear about in-laws and mortgages I don’t wanna look in your eyes and see the years and the miles I don’t have time for the whole game only the score ‘Cause sitting still through a slow game’s only a bore I don’t have time to be caring and crying and so Only give me the best so that I can digest and then go I don’t want to care I want the highlights I want to pick and to choose Only the good times then I can’t be bothered It’s just too hard when I lose Cut out the homeless the hurt and the hard case Cut out disaster and crime Don’t let me see one more face of a refugee I’m too busy running in my life to spare any time Give me the highlights
We Got Love 05:23
Older is not always wiser Wiser is not always best This is the way that our lives work How can we call ourselves blessed Everyone wants to be strangers Mystery seems to work well But how would you feel if your secrets revealed That you never had secrets to tell After the hurts and the heartaches After the curses and cries After the truths have been found once again To be harder to hear than the lies When the flush of the season has faded And you feel the first chill of the fall Do you find yourself thinking of ships that are sinking Or thinking just nothing at all What do you want that’s gonna make this life worth living What have we got in our souls that’s still worth giving We got love Every day brings up choices Finally it ends up as one Every night we can pray we were right And then wonder what we might have done Look at the faces around you Look at the toll that it takes It’s the right to be free that we lose as the fee When it looks like it’s all been mistakes What do you want... Imagine what life would be like if it happened Exactly the way that it does Then you could look back on the times that you made it Exactly the things that it was You can’t change the world in a lifetime You can’t even change your best friend But that doesn’t mean that you sit around waiting For everything ugly to end You give what you can ‘cause you’ve got to No matter what might have been done There is always one more that is worth fighting for Someday you may find out you’re the one
Well we sweat and we toil for the things that we need And we lust for the things we desire When we’re tired or bored then we call on the Lord Just to add some more fuel to the fire I suppose it seems soothing invoking the name Of a being supposed to adore us When we’re losing our dreams but we won’t take the blame Then we pray to let God do it for us Though we claim to be searching for solace We’re mostly just dialing for dollars To inherit some worth or inherit the earth as the meek It’s the EZ way to God that we seek Well my faith has been tested and tested again There’s some black pits of hell I’ve been through And some demons I’ve fought maybe worse than your own But I don’t have to prove that to you I’ve been shown to the top and I’ve watched myself drop For the price of a poison or passion And I’ve given up hope on the doorstep of broke All the while remaining in fashion ‘Cause I wanted to get without giving And I wanted to learn without living And I lived for the peaks and I learned I was lost in the mist And the EZ way to God does not exist


Smart lyrics over ballsy acoustic and electric guitars from a songwriter who rocks n' rolls with the Tao. An album that will make you feel, think, wonder, eat.

"Move From Center"'s songs define a graceful arc from start to finish as they introduce the listener to some memorable characters. From the moody dive-bar philosopher of "Maybe", to the cynical media insider of "Flickering Screen", to the modern pharaoh of "Afterlife", to the determined-to-piss-someone-off bad boy of "E-Z way to God", Mark's lyrics move easily between parallel worlds. Nine original songs, plus Mark's take on the Phil Ochs classic "Outside a small circle of friends".

"Move From Center" is an album that will conjure carefree memories of grappling with the big questions beneath black light posters. Or perhaps last weekend's game of spin-the-bottle. The more you listen, the more you hear.


released January 1, 2002

Mark Westin: Lead vocals, guitars, banjo, harmonica, keyboards, samples, percussion
Suzanne Hockstein: Vocals
Moose LeMans: Electric bass, vocals
Chris Moser: Drums
Jamian Probber: Keyboards, "Outside a small circle of friends", "Hi-lites"
Scott MX Turner: Drums, bodhran, cowpot, samples, vocals
The Maspeth Maulers: Barbershop quartet, "Outside a small circle of friends" (Ray Balconis, Moose LeMans, Scott MX Turner, Mark Westin)

Produced by Mark Westin
Recorded and mixed by Ray Balconis at Studio Ray NYC
Mastered by Mike Crehore at Dubway Studios NYC
Artwork by Eric Eiser

All songs by Mark Westin/Spinach World Music/BMI except
"Outside a small circle of friends" by Phil Ochs/Almo Music Corp./ASCAP


all rights reserved



Mark Westin Newburgh, New York

Mark Westin's songs have been described as:

"A different way of looking at the world that's refreshingly bizarre."
"...not afraid to take on sacred cows..."
"if Harry Nilsson and John Prine wrote together..."

Mark's been gigging and writing a long time, and he's a wordsmith of a very high order. His songs are diverse, eclectic, darkly humorous, and for real.

Listen and decide for yourself.
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