The '45' 45 (digital)

by Mark Westin

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I’m not a “political” songwriter, whatever that is. I just look at the world around me and write what I see.

In July 2016, during the run-up to the Presidential election, what I saw came out as “Get Behind Me”, a campaign stump speech from a corrupt candidate.

In April 2017, in the first months of the new administration, “Better This Way” appeared, an imaginary chronology of a presidential campaign and its consequences, narrated by a high-level insider.

I thought of both songs as worst-case scenario fictions. But line by line they’ve been coming true. And that’s horrifying.

The America our current administration is attempting to create is not the America I was raised in, and it’s not the America I want to live in. I recorded these songs and am donating a portion of every sale to causes that will help change this destructive course.

Musically, these are rockin’ tunes that stand up to repeated listens. I hope you enjoy them. Please share them if you do.

About The Name

"The '45' 45" is a reference to both our current President (#45) and the fact there are two songs here, just like you’d get on a 45 RPM single.

Because the lyrics to these songs are thematically linked, and because my musical education began with singles, my original intent was to release them on a vinyl 7” record with “Get Behind Me” as the A side and “Better this Way” as the B side.

But I also wanted as many people as possible to hear them, and although they're cool, 45s aren’t the best medium for wide distribution. Instead, I’m pleased to bring that old-school vibe into the digital age with The ‘45’ 45 – a double download to be listened to back to back and over again the same way you do with singles. You like the A or the B side better, up to you.

Donation Details

1/3 of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Natural Resources Defense Council, because if we lose the planet, nothing else really matters.

1/3 will be held until the candidate to challenge 45 has been determined, and then will go to support that candidate’s campaign.

1/3 goes to offset the costs of recording and production, and to support future endeavors like this one. Artists gotta eat too.


released September 9, 2019

Mark Westin: Lead vocals, acoustic & electric rhythm & lead guitars
Kat Comperatore: Background vocals
Todd Giudice: Background vocal, guitars (Get Behind Me), drums (Better This Way)
Jay Nicholas: Bass guitar
Eric Starr: Drums (Get Behind Me)

Produced by Todd Giudice & Mark Westin
Recorded and Mixed by Todd Giudice at Roots Cellar Recording, Cold Spring, NY
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, Cornwall, NY


all rights reserved



Mark Westin New York, New York

Mark Westin's songs have been described as:

"A different way of looking at the world that's refreshingly bizarre."
"...not afraid to take on sacred cows..."
"if Warren Zevon and George Carlin wrote together..."

Mark's been gigging and writing a long time, and he's a wordsmith of a very high order. His songs are diverse, eclectic, darkly humorous, and for real.

Listen and decide for yourself.
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Track Name: Get Behind Me
You need something to believe in, get behind me
You need a cause you want a reason, get behind me
I'm just a man with a dream and a plan
I’ll bring you glory in the palm of your hand
I'll make this world into whatever you want it to be
if you just get behind me.

If you want to be rich as Croesus get behind me
If you want a hot line to Jesus get behind me
I’m on the path save you from God’s wrath
I’ve got the answer I did the math
It's the good book or the checkbook
one of those is bound to set you free
If you just get behind me

Get behind me
I’ll be your voice
Your freedom of choice
Just as long as it’s my face the people see
You gotta get behind me

Don’t you ask me where we’re going, get behind me
There’s things you’re better off not knowing, just get behind me
Just ignore the allegations and the wild speculations
that my casual offhandedness is careful orchestration
You gotta trust me when I say I’ll be the man I said I’d be
If you get behind me

Get behind me
I’ll be your dreams
Ignore all the screams
Don’t believe the things they say about me on TV
Just get behind me

If you wanna sail into the sunshine get behind me
You wanna 24 hour buffet line get behind me
I'm the captain of this cruise and that’s what i’m supposed to be
There's just one thing you gotta know before we head into the stormy sea
That’s when the ship is going down and there’s just one seat in the lifeboat free...
You’re gonna get behind me
Track Name: Better This Way
We sat at the edge of the beer hall and decided to find something real
telling offhand stories of our victories and conquests like it’s no big deal

We walked through the girls and the glory
We talked about paying our dues
And we kept on laughing as we gilded the mythology and drank our blues

They’ll never see it coming
It’s gonna happen so fast
They’ll never see it coming
Their heads are down or up their ass

We stood on the stage at the rally and proceeded to work our plans
Hitting all the right notes with our made-up quotes and our spray-on tans

It was easy enough taking over
We scored on the very first try
With the young ones distracted by dollars and digits we slid right by

They didn’t see it coming
It was moving so fast
They didn’t see it coming but now our time has come at last

Don’t be afraid of the man
Don’t question what he’s got in his hand
And you oughta think twice if you think you got something to say
It's a new game to play called it’s gonna be better this way

We marched on the steps of the state house and positioned ourselves for the steal
Then we took out the wrenches and we made a few adjustments till nobody could feel

We tore up the trades and the unions
We wore down the Gypsies and Jews
And we set out on a mission turning factions into fiction on the TV news

They coulda seen it coming
Still we sold them on the lie
They mighta seen it coming but they were focused on the ROI

Don’t be afraid of the boss
Don’t ask about the profit and loss
And you oughta say thanks to your leaders at the end of each day
It’s the new game we play called everything’s better this way

Lighting the nation it’s liberty’s torch
From the New York docks to your own back porch
But it’s making our movements a little too easy to see
So we unmoored the island and pushed her out into the sea
When you take in the tired and poor you just lose
They can yearn to breathe free but we wretchedly refuse

We stood there surveying the carnage as the nation went over the cliff
So we scavenged the land prying guns from the hands that were cold and stiff

Then we turned them upon our own people when the voices began to get loud
And we held up their skulls and ascended the pulpits just to soothe the crowds

We didn’t see it coming
It was moving too fast
We didn’t see it coming and now we wonder how to make it last

Don’t be afraid of the change when the world you know is distant and strange
It could hold until tomorrow or forever and a day
It’s the new game we play called it’s gonna be better this way
Better be better this way
Gotta be better this way
Gonna be better

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